TV Show 'Pitch': Keep Ginny Baker in the Game

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Almost two years ago, Pitch was cancelled despite our heavy campaigning. It appeared to be the end of the road, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, we’ve recently learned that all was not lost. For those who don’t know, Disney just recently completed their acquisition of FOX and they’re trying to retain their talent of Dan Fogelman. His contract is expiring, which makes him a soon to be free agent, due to his success with This Is Us and the fact that many show runners are being lured to other networks via lucrative deals, Disney is trying to give Dan a deal he can’t refuse.


They’re trying to persuade Dan into staying with the network by offer to bring Pitch back, per The Hollywood Report. W I L D isn’t it?

But, we’re ready and we’ve been ready. I know many feel disenfranchised due to how things went the last time, but keep in mind: this is a whole different ballgame. Disney is not FOX. We actually have an idea of what the studio is thinking than we did two years ago. With the successes of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, there is more demand for female led content than ever before. Although Captain Marvel is a MCU movie, Disney fully supported it to ensure its success, which was what Pitch didn’t get the first time around. So, if y’all are still game to see Pitch on TV again, and we know you are, please continue to sign this petition and get your friends, family, and coworkers to sign this too. We need all of the support we can get, so that Disney will #RevivePitch.

Additionally, Disney+ (Disney’s upcoming streaming platform), will include 25 original series at launch in November 2019. We think Disney+ is the absolute best new home for Pitch and should 1000% snap one of those spots. So, let’s get Pitch trending on Twitter! Tweet #RevivePitch and tell @Disney and @20CenturyTV you want to see a new season of Pitch on #DisneyPlus.

Hey, Disney, "If you build it, they will come." ;-)