Pick up "The Tomorrow People" for a second season!

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CW's The Tomorrow People is a fantastic series that aired up until 2014. However, The CW made the decision of cancelling The Tomorrow People just because it "didn't get enough viewers as they hoped", which is surprising to say at the least because it had a steady 2 million to 1 million viewers per week.

The series which is described as "The Best Superhero Show on TV in 2013" deserves to be continued. The show's fanbase and following is spectacular, and always has been. This is a one-of-a-kind show that deserves to be looked at again, by anyone willing to pick it up.

American Dad, which, I realize is in a completely different genre, got killed by FOX, but TBS was quick to pick it up where FOX left off, and the show has been just as good, with just as many - if not more, viewers and fans.

I am speaking directly to you, The CW, Netflix, or any other potential networks. 

Give The Tomorrow People a second season. Give this show with amazing potential a second season to pick up where The CW left off. You won't regret the choice, and neither will the viewers.