Pick up the Avatar franchise and release as a new original series

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Amazon currently has a great relationship with Nickelodeon and has all the Avatar episodes on Prime, therefore this could be a great opportunity for Amazon to pick up the rights to the show and create a new series. In addition to that Netflix may not have the rights to stream the show on its service but we have seen how good Netflix is at reviving shows which were cancelled and turning them into hits for example the Voltron franchise.

The Legend of Korra saw huge success as an online-exclusive show after it was pulled from Nickelodeon's regular TV broadcasting, and with Netflix, Amazon's, Hulu's or Sky's branding the franchise could be taken to new heights. Although Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino have said they have finished with the franchise, we could find some other producers who have the same care and attention to detail as the current producers and it's practically guaranteed that the show would be successful on Netflix or Amazon as almost everyone has it but also if Sky or Hulu were to purchase the rights then it would help increase subscribers and your original content library. Currently the franchise is turning into a graphic novel which i am happy about but I feel that it wont be able to tell the story in the same way as the series did. Furthermore both of the Avatar shows have won multiple awards such as a prime time Emmy which would look great on whichever company buys the franchise.

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