Netflix should add back the Community episode "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons"

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One of the best episodes of the show Community was removed from netflix for featuring blackface. However, like mentioned in the scene, the blackface wasn't used to be racist. The characters are playing Dungeons and Dragons, the character using blackface is dressing up as a Dark Elf.

The show also acknowledges that it is racist, pointing out its bad. The joke is the character clearly doesn't realize he is being offensive.

This is super disappointing as this is one of the best episodes of the show and now people watching on Netflix won't get to experience it.

Blackface was barely in the episode. Netflix took down the whole episode due the black lives matter protests happening currently. They have taken down numerous other episodes however this is very different for a number of reasons.

  • The episode is almost crucial to the show. The episode highlights the character, Pierce as the Villian of the group. Establishes his place in the group. This contributes to a number of other episodes and it is almost crucial to the series. Its almost like removing the icing of a cake. 
  • The episode deals with strong themes such as suicide and bullying and the bigger message is not to give up when you hurting. This episode overall gives a positive message.
  • This episode is deemed to be one of the best episodes of the show. By many fans, this episode is one of their favourites, if not their favourite episode. 

Netflix could at the least put a warning or edit out the scene, instead of taking the whole episode, as it gives out positive messages about suicide and depression.

Many Community fans like myself are mad at this and we want our episode back. They just added the show on the 1st of April and now they are removing episodes!? This is honestly stupid at this point.

Racism is still a big problem and blackface should not be tolerated but the episode has set a proper context that shows its disagreement with the use of blackface. The removal of the whole episode leaves a major gap in the overall story, and thus ruins the experience for fans and viewers.

Aside from featuring that scene, this episode is one of the best, if not the best episode for many people. Its deals with themes such as suicide and bullying that is important for people to know, don't give up, it gets better. This episode is so important that some episodes and even the rest of the series is ruined if someone doesn't see it.