Netflix, Remove "The After Party" & Apologize to the 65 Million People who have Seizures.

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The After Party is a movie that makes a joke out of seizures on Netflix.

We already have an issue with people laughing at us, and not helping during a Seizure in public. Now you're making it socially acceptable to point, laugh, record us, and call us names. "Seizure boy, Seezjaboy, The Seizure Dance", and let's not forget, “You look like Klay Thompson (NBA's Warriors) with Down's Syndrome!”

Why they think this is acceptable, is beyond us, & the millions who deal with it. Seizures are no laughing matter!

"How many students will be bullied at school because of the mockery made in this movie?" The outrage has become too much to bear! "Is this what they think of us?" Also, "I don’t believe you realize the damage this has caused." As well as, "Such treatment can put real people who have seizures at increased risk of injury and death. If someone is ridiculed for a medical problem, such as seizures, they are more likely to hide their illness and less likely to seek medical care or the help of others."

Lastly, "Epilepsy patients are placed in a uniquely vulnerable position. They often find themselves in emergency scenarios, their LIFE literally dependent on the education of those around them. Therefore, inserting "The After Party" into the public discourse on epilepsy is grossly negligent."

Cast: Harrison Holzer, Kyle Harvey, Jordan Rock, Shelley Hennig, Blair Underwood, Wiz Khalifa, Teyana Taylor

Credits: Written and directed by Ian Edelman. A Netflix release.