Netflix Please Produce a Harry Potter Series!

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Netflix has always been a pioneer and revolutionary of entertainment whether acquiring rights or creating new originals or hits based off of existing franchises. We believe that Netflix together with Warner Brothers has the ability to bring the Wizarding World into TV series format.

I think there is something special and unique about a streaming TV series format. It's personal, it's immersive, it's something in the palm of your hands or right in your living room. It's something that continues on and has a sense of a real-time quality, a world which you're part of. The films and books and the theme parks in the Wizarding World franchise are absolutely wonderful and for many of us, has totally changed our lives with magic, since we were young. As a creator in the Pottergram (Harry Potter Instagram) community, as an organizer of some Wizards Unite events, and more, looking back, I'd say not only do we have a world we can escape into and be inspired, but it's brought a lot of us together, helped us make new friends and launch even new creative and artistic projects or learn new skills to celebrate our love for being part of this world. 

As such, the Harry Potter franchise to all of us is more than just large scale productions that launch every few years and require a large amount of money to experience. Sometimes we watch a lot of fan films that are low budget, and so passionately done but only short glimpses here and there. A Netflix series brings it home to us.

Many of us have dreamed of a Marauder series or a series that follows the careers of beloved characters years after the Harry Potter film franchise or something of a modern take in our present day world. We've also dreamt of better diverse representation in the wizarding world which Netflix often champions. It could take on many forms, but one thing is for sure, we would all appreciate such a series that would continue blessing the lives of fans around the world. It would no doubt be a massive hit. 

I've personally dreamed of a series called The Auror. A simple title, loosely following the career of Harry Potter but perhaps revolving around some other new characters of a new generation in a changing world after the Second Wizarding War. Recently, my fan mock up of such a series had many comments with enthusiasm for it!

We'd love for Netflix and Warner Brothers to make this a possibility. This would be immensely loved.

We know the teams who have brought to life these epic productions would for sure do an incredible job.