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Dear Netflix.

I know, i know trust me, this is a long shot, but i need to have my voice heard because right now i’m emotionally devastated. I know there is quite a few shows that you guys can easily pick up. I also know that you guys cant pick up every show. But please, take a moment and listen to what i have to say.
It wont take long.

Every year shows come onto the air trying to be great. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they do well. Quantico did amazing first season. AMAZING. Second season wasn’t that well, which is why we got a new showrunner who completely remodeled the show for season three.
We only had three episodes air so far for season three and they were absolutely mind blowing. ABC didn’t even give our new showrunner a chance. This show is so important and i cant stress enough about it. It has a deaf character, gay character, characters that comes from different backgrounds. It talks about topics in the real world. This cast, especially Priyanka Chopra poured their heart and souls into this show and worked hard 24/7. They WONT let you down. This show also comes with dedicated fans who are willing to sit here and write a whole entire page as to why this show is important to pick up knowing that this will probably never be read. But at least i tried. Im standing up for my show. The show that has brought smiles to my face when i was at my darkest place. I made friendships that will last a lifetime from this show. Please allow me and everyone else to continue enjoying Quantico.
Give us a chance. Just try, one season.
One season is all i’m asking for.
I love netflix, and this would make me love it so much more, to know that netflix cares more than ABC does about a show full of diversity.
Thank you netflix.