Netflix pick up MacGyver Season 6

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MacGyver is being cancelled after only 15 episodes in season 5. The last two seasons have had its seasons cut short for various reason none of them being the lack of public interest in the show. MacGyver is a beloved show that still has a lot of story to tell, including Mac and Riley's life together being explored; a highly anticipated storyline the show has been building up to but is yet to deliver upon.

MacGyver is a loved, respected and heavily discussed show that tackles topics of current affairs and address important social issues that are vital conversations in our community and in today's world. The show is very inclusive in its cast and that representation is one of the many reasons why it's so beloved. MacGyver also inspires generations of people to appreciate and admire science and adventure in a way that no other show does. 

Also, the people that star on the show set an exemplary standard of human behavior in the work place and in the entertainment industry as a whole. For example the lead of the show standing up against bullying that happened from a well known industry giant. The show is known for having great people that are exemplary humans in any space, and that can only be an asset to any work environment. 

MacGyver both on and off screen inspires us all to be better in every aspect of our lives, and to aspire for better without limitations.