Lets get Tremors Tv Series starring Kevin Bacon done!

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The 1990 original Tremors movie is one of the most mordern classic monster movies of all time and we all got
disappointed when the news came that SyFy will not pick up the planned Tv Series "TREMORS", starring Kevin Bacon.

Even the TV Series directot Vincenzo Natali was "Baffled" at Project Being cancelled and Kevin Bacon called it a broken dream.

Though the Tremors movies are alive and well, we where all looking forward to see Bacon reprised his role
as Valentine McKee.
Especially sens images from the already filmed pilot has been released and we got a glimps of what could have been.

But sens SyFy can't deliver the long time awaited series, maybe Netflix can step in save this series?

Lets all pull together and show that the cancellation on SyFy does not have to be the end of the dream for the Tremors series.
We just have to show that the series, Kevin Bacon, Andrew Miller and everyone else of the cast and crew of Tremors
that it is love left for the original movie and series that could and maybe will be.

Let us get Netflix to make the dream come true!