Let’s ban 13 Reasons Why

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I am 19 years old and I have watched both seasons of the show. After the first season I remember ranting to my mom about it. I watched the second season just to watch it. I 100% don’t support this show. There’s a lot of talk that it could potentially be banned and I totally agree that it should. And I’ll explain why.

Reason One: It glorifies suicide. This girl tragically took her life. Then sends tapes around to make everyone else suffer from their mistakes leading to her decision. Causing chaos at the school and another attempted suicide. It’s terrible that she killed herself but the way she went about it makes her no better than her bullies. She may be dead but the way she creates these things to get into peoples heads and drive them mad is sickening. She is seen throughout the show as a character. Whether it’s flashbacks or Clays imagination of her in real time. This makes it seem like she’s still around after she’s dead. This puts the thought into kids heads that after they die they get to still mess with people like they’re still apart of their lives. But that’s not true. Once you make the decision to take your life that’s it. Hannah doesn’t know the impact of her actions on the school. She’s dead. The show may be about a girl that killed herself but the show doesn’t do a good job at convincing the audience that she’s gone.

Reason Two: Graphic. This show especially in season 2 has gone too far. It’s disgusting to show someone getting raped on a television screen and act like it’s okay. Sure it’s not real, and sure you want it to seem real so the point gets across that it’s a real life scary issue. I get that. But kids are vulnerable. Going thought something like that or even witnessing something like that can be very traumatic for ANYONE. And when you make it so realistic on a screen a young kid isn’t gonna think about the fact that it’s just actors. They’re gonna experience that horror. It’s one thing to have your kid be aware of these issues it’s another thing to allow them to be traumatized with it. Kids are like play dough, they’re very malleable. Witnessing something like rape, even if it’s fake on a screen, can shape them in all the wrong ways. YOU CAN ALWAYS PORTRAY SOMETHING HAPPENED WITHOUT ACTUALLY SHOWING IT. I don’t care if your trying to get your point across it’s just plain messed up.

Reason 3: Copycats. The way the show portrayed Hannah’s suicide was entirely to graphic. They showed everything leaving kids with nothing to learn from that scene except for ideas in their heads. After the first season aired there were 2 young girls who took their life and their parents firmly believe that the show put the ideas in their heads. So a show about suicide awareness actually was the trigger to more suicides. You can make people aware without taking it this far. The show isn’t helping anyone. Bullying is a real issue and yes schools need to do more about it but the show doesn’t even capture real consequences the bully’s in the show face. And also after the first season aired there was a spike in google searches on ways to kill yourself. This show talks about how they’re trying to start a conversation about these real life issues but have they ever stopped to think they’re starting the wrong kind of conversation?

Reason 3: Bully’s don’t even face consequences. I get the point of the show is that bullies got away with the things they did and in turn a girl killed herself because no one tried to stop it. But finally when the bully’s are being held accountable nothing happens. Brice was accused of rape and only got 3 months probation. Justin who helped turn him in spent 6 months locked up. Monty who royally messed with everyone in the show still gets away with everything. This is leaving no kind of hope for anyone that has gone through any kind of bullying and telling bully’s they can get away with it. These characters that were the real bullies in the show obviously feel no remorse for what they did to Hannah. The only people that care about their mistakes are the people that actually did care about Hannah and didn’t mean to harm her the way that they did. Sadly that’s reality but why would that be a message we want to send?

Reason Four: Season 2, Episode 13, minutes 38 through 40. No one should watch this. This scene is too far. I watched the last episodes by myself while my boyfriend was at work and I could barley watch that scene, the only reason I watched it was because I didn’t know that was gonna happen. When my boyfriend came home he wanted to watch the rest of the couple episodes, I warned him about the scene, not saying what happens but telling him it’s difficult to watch. When we got to the scene, I put my head under a blanket closed my eyes and plugged my ears. Before returning my attention back to the tv I asked Chris “is it over yet?” I mean really. I get trying to make awareness about sexual assault when it comes to men. I get it, especially with a similar scenario that happened at my high school. I get it but that is so too much for anyone to watch. It makes my entire body cringe. No young kid should be exposed to a scene like that. It’s freaking traumatizing. And because that happened to him he then came to the conclusion that if no one was gonna do anything about the bullies he’d take care of it himself and then attempted to shoot up the school at one of the school dances. We’re all fully aware of the shootings going on, that’s already a conversation. This scene just put this as a resolution in people’s heads. Also there’s room for copycat here too. Some kid that’s already struggling with this type of anger could see this and become triggered, then get the idea to do it at a school dance which would be far more deadly. This show does nothing but put ideas in little kids heads that aren’t matured and grown enough to even understand the world or have much of their own opinion. This scene just takes it too far. It’s disgusting.

This show targets a population that is ALREADY CONFUSED and then puts ideas into their head when they’re the most vulnerable. This show isn’t starting the conversations that need to be started. It’s showing the harsh reality of people’s lives but over doing it. This school has more drama and rape and messed up things happening then if you put all the schools in one county together. It’s unrealistic. That’s not high school. Kids need to be aware, yes. But you can make kids aware without traumatizing them. This show is just messed up all around and the only thing that’s coming out of it is kids getting the wrong ideas because they don’t know any better. High school is high school, it’s not your whole life. The conversation that needs to be started is how to help and support people going through something in their lives. We should be giving them hope, not expressing defeat, like this show does time after time. And not pointing them to a tv show that’s only going to trigger the dark thoughts they’ve already got in their head. We need to stand together. Be positive. Show positive things on tv. That’s what makes a difference. Negativity spreads negativity and vise versa. We should be exposing kids to positive things, not something that puts ideas in their heads that they’ve never had before. This show is just sickening and it’s everything the world doesn’t need right now. Maybe it doesn’t have to be banned but it definitely shouldn’t be shown on something so easily accessible as Netflix. Any kid could watch this and their parents would never know and it could send them spiraling.

Do you really want this show in your children’s reach? If not, please sign.