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It's simple!

We want Psych to remain on Netflix. We never want it to leave! The fans of Psych are, to this day, clamoring for new episodes. Why on Earth would you take away the amazing episodes we cherish so dearly!

You have subscribers that are just as loyal to you as they are to Psych. We would hope you would want us on your side too, Netflix!

If you remove Psych from our watch list, among other things, the following may occur:

1) Pineapples will go on neglected and hidden pineapples will never be sought after.

2) Woody will have no one to share in his quirky(?) habits as coroner.

3) Shawn will never again be able to rub Magic Head.

4) There will be no more Stern-Bush.

5) No one will be around to bring up the terrible demotion of Pluto.

6) Henry won't be around to remind us why we moved away from home.

7) Juliet and Chief Vick won't be able to control the Shenanigans.

8) We will never see....WAIT FOR IIIIITTTTT.....the best bromance TV has had to offer ever again.

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