Keep 365 Days on Netflix

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I have become aware that people want to remove the movie 365 days from Netflix. 
According to them it glorifies sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, blah blah ...

I am a woman one who will fight against any type of abuse towards women or anyone. 
This movie is not that. It’s marked 18 for a reason because we are adults, adults who can make their own decisions. I do not recommend this for anyone younger and evidently neither do the film makers or author.  

How many movies out there have rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, killings, deaths are we to then give up on movies altogether then? Movies are a fantasy we watch and we love to and that’s it. For the duration of a movie we are enthralled in it and become part of it but once the credits start rolling it’s back to normal life. How many movies have we seen that includes robbing a bank, killing innocent people, sex rings, pedophilia, kidnappings and so on, from all the movies we have watched have we went on to commit the things above? Yes some pathetic losers might of done but did we cancel movies because of it? We would of cancelled almost all by now if that was the case. If people are evil or stupid watching a movie isn’t going to stop that.

Let’s get real this movie is a sexual fantasy a romantic novel, it’s not based on any real events, there is NO RAPE if it’s not for you then it’s not, but many women all over the world are in love with it from all ages, there’s groups all over Facebook where actually we believe this has awoken many feelings for us, and let me tell you none of them are negative. Just because one or a thousand don’t see it that way doesn’t mean the rest of us do. 
If you don’t think its for you, you pick up the remote you change it or switch it off like many of us. 

Theres far more pressing matters in the world right now than removing a movie because you think it’s inappropriate for you. 

On behalf of 365 Day Fans and Lovers. 
We love Massimo and Laura and their unique story ❤️