Ask Tiger King & Netflix to donate to tiger rehabilitation. #animalsarenotforprofit

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Tiger King on Netflix is the most watched show in America as of March 29th. 

The show follows the lives of people that exploit animals for their profit but the show and Netflix are not taking into consideration that they have just joined into the echo chamber of exploitation of animals as entertainment.

There are more tigers in captivity than in the wild. It shouldn’t be like that. And the ones in captivity deserve healthy and happy lives. They need care. 

America is united in so many things--like binge watching this show during self-isolation. Why not use our collective power to make things better while we can get companies to listen to us?

Let's ask that 50 percent of the profit the show made to go towards tiger rehabilitation and wildlife conservation. 

Everyone’s survival is related. 

There have been 5 other mass extinctions in the earths 4.5 billion year history but this is the first one caused by humans.

It’s okay to lay in bed and binge watch Netflix but we can also do more. Because when we get out of this period of self-isolation we can be like “oh yeah that’s the time we saved the animals.”