Help Sage and Kevin achieve the roles as Kirito and Asuna for the SAO Live Action Movie!

Help Sage and Kevin achieve the roles as Kirito and Asuna for the SAO Live Action Movie!

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Sage Alpin started this petition to Netflix and

Kevin and I have been relentlessly training and trying our best to specialize within the anime fandom of Sword Art Online. If you sign this petition, you will help us get noticed by Netflix and other anime live action movie creators! Please spread the word to others and share this with all of your friends who watch SAO!

Kevin stated in his personal petition;

"Casting is a big step in developing a show and the right person casted can make all the difference. However, it’s important to cast based on the best fit for a role; most especially the ability to embody that character. Kirito in the Sword Art Online anime series is an intense character; passionate, persistent, socially awkward yet strong and direct. He’s also a gamer and a damn good gamer at that. To really capture such a character, the right person needs to be him and no one is better than me, Kevin Price.
Im no A-List actor. I havent even stepped foot in Hollywood. Im an average person with the passion for acting and it seems that the role of a lifetime is out there, waiting for a real life Kirito to bare the swords. I’m basically Kirito in the flesh; a carbon copy of the character in many ways. I’m not the best socializer, I’m an avid gamer but, most importantly, I’m a person of strong heart and spirit despite going through tribulation after tribulation. Despite having little in the way of acting roles, the fact that I can act is a surprise to some; I haven’t acted since high school yet when I voice act for fun or step in front of a camera, my energy is unleashed; a powerful bomb of emotions and dedication energizing the room or the people who watch me.
Life hasn’t been fair to me but this opportunity means the world to me. I want to make people happy, to entertain people and to make something of myself and my family. From being kicked out of Navy boot camp due to something appearing in my medical records to not finding any work, I’ve been through some dark and dreary times. I think it’s safe to say that it’s fair to give me a shot.
Let me audition. Let me shine. If you don’t think I’ll make the cut, that’s fine. But I can. I AM Kirito. Give me a shot."

Here's a bit of explaining for my part;

Hi! I'm Sage Alpin, however that is not my real name. (I'll reveal it once I get the job as Asuna.) I'm 14 years old, however, do not let my age fool you. I am much mentally older and mature than I seem. I have specialized with Sword Art Online for 2 years now, I started in the summer when I was 12. I am a straight A student, enrolled in 4 honors classes in high school for next year. I have been previously interviewed by 2 different acting companies in Boston, and I've taken theatre since I was in 3rd grade. I'm learning how to cook, and I basically already know how to wield a sword like Asuna (or Aircraft style, if you please). 

I have a lot in common with Asuna, we can act the same sometimes, we show our pride and don't hesitate to speak our minds. I have studied her behavior and have watched the series over twice, including up to episode 10 of Alizication, which is due to change since I'm going to benchwatch the next ten soon. As Asuna, I will be sure to bring out her personality, her speech, and her looks like they are in the anime and manga. (We'd probably post bloopers on our Twitters when we've finished filming, be prepared for some major laughs if we get the roles.)

Asuna was my third ever cosplay, Sword Art Online being my first ever anime. Last year at Anime Boston 2018 on Sunday, A friend and I met up as Kirito and Asuna for the con. It was very cool seeing all the other cosplayers and getting to see how much dedication they put into their work. 

That's where I'm heading with this. Dedication.

Kevin and I are dedicated to getting the roles, not stopping until our dreams are at our reach. We promise to bring you the most best, funny, emotional live action movie you have ever seen. If you sign this petition, you bring us one step closer to our dreams. 

Edit; It's not just our dreams to get the roles, it's also to inspire others and to give you the best movie you could receive. If we are chosen, we promise to give you the best anime live action movie you have ever seen.

Life hasn't been fair to me either. I've barely known what it's like to have a father. My Dad hasn't been there for me in my life quite a bit, since I have a step-family. I've been through some tough events, my neighboors life got taken by her ex-boyfriend. I won't go further into detail since I have signs of PTSD from it, I'd rather not explain it in full detail. This subject really makes my heart ache even mentioning it. I was close with her, and she personally did nothing wrong. I grieve over her frequently, however I do have a therapist, but I haven't seen them in a while because things have gotten a bit better over the years. I have been working my best to work through this, it's been slowly getting better.

Even if you don't pick me for Asuna, I respect your decision. However, I would be the best choice for Asuna because of my determination, strong will, strong mind, kindness, and compassion. I AM Asuna. Show me a bit of kindness in your hearts and please give me a chance. Give both Kevin and I a chance, you will most certainly not regret it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this over. Please do consider signing, every vote counts.

-Sage (Asu)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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