Have Netflix Produce The Amory Wars Movie, Series Or Miniseries.

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The Amory Wars is an ongoing series of comic books written by Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez . The story of The Amory Wars is also the focus of the band's music. The Amory Wars is set in Heaven's Fence, a collection of 78 planets held in place by interconnecting beams of energy, known as the Keywork. The first half of the story narrates Coheed Kilgannon and Cambria Kilgannon's struggle against Wilhelm Ryan, the Supreme Tri-Mage .The second half of the story focuses on the heroic journey of their son, messianic Claudio Kilgannon. Over the course of the story, Claudio assumes the mantle of The Crowing, foretold savior of Heaven's Fence. In the end, he will face the Archmage, absolute ruler of Heaven's Fence and the one ultimately responsible for the death of Claudio's family.

On December 2, 2012, Mark Wahlberg announced he will be producing a film adaptation of The Amory Wars. As of 2018 there seems to be no action made in the production of this film that millions of fans have been eagerly awaiting.