Get us Season 2 for the outstanding K-Drama "Vincenzo"!!!

Get us Season 2 for the outstanding K-Drama "Vincenzo"!!!

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Brandon Vethanayagam started this petition to Netflix and

Hey there my fellow Vincenzo fans, this is Mega K-Drama Brandon Vethanayagam from Canada and today I've created another petition for another K-Drama. This time, it's to renew for a 2nd season for the most successful K-Drama since Crash Landing On You (CLOY) ... and that K-Drama is famously known as "Vincenzo"!!! Not since the season 1 finale of Crash Landing On You back in February 16, 2020, has a K-Drama made such a story that was deep, impactful, romantic, mind blowing, action-packed, emotional and completely hilarious story in one single season and so much more can be done for a 2nd season!!!

Because Vincenzo was forced to separate from his Geugma Family, we need them to reunite once again only next time they permanently stay together when they meet again in season 2!!! 

Plots for Season 2 can include:

  • Reunion between Vincenzo Cassano and Hong Cha-young along with the rest of the Geugma Cassano Family!!!
  • The setting of season 2 relocates from South Korea all the way back to Italy where the K-Drama first started ... where Vincenzo Cassano, Hong Cha-young, Nam Joo-Sung, NIS Agent Ahn Gi-seok, the rest of the Geugma Plaza tenants, and of course Luca having many new adventures all throughout Italy fighting crime & corruption!!!
  • Vincenzo Cassano & Hong Cha-young getting married, start a family of their own and have many Mafia babies together!!!
  • Vincenzo Cassano's Geugma Family meeting his Italian Family where they interact with each other and train each other in all sorts of skills from fighting tactics to computer hacking skills!!!
  • The Geugma Cassano Family (Vincenzo Cassano, Hong Cha-young, Nam Joo-Sung, the rest of the Geugma Plaza tenants, and of course Luca) joins forces with Vincenzo's Italian family to fight off against a rival Italian Mafia family that has been in feud with the Cassano family for generations!!!
  • Seo Mi-ri continuing to flirt with Vincenzo Cassano and making numerous attempts to mate with him!!! Also her computer hacking skills impresses Vincenzo Cassano's Italian family so much that she attracts a lot of interest with one of them and they start to get intimate with each other!!!
  • Chef Toto learning to make real & authentic Italian food that is actually edible and actually tastes good to meet Vincenzo Cassano's standards!!!
  • The expansion and status of NIS Agent Ahn Gi-seok's fan club that he created to honour Vincenzo Cassano in which he named it "OH MY CONSIGLIERE"!!!
  • NIS Agent Ahn Gi-seok & Paralegal Nam Joo-sung once again going crazy being in the presence as well as cheek kissing Vincenzo Cassano's driver, Luca!!!
  • Introducing and integrating more Italian language & culture into the K-Drama!!!
  • Look into the further histories and backstories of the characters ... especially with the Geumga Plaza tenants!!!

Therefore, Vincenzo has made so much progress during its 1st season and offers a lot of promise for a 2nd season with so many plots to explore, especially plots involving the romance between Vincenzo Cassano & Hong Cha-young!!!


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6,175 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!