Get Manifest back on Air


Get Manifest back on Air

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Kasey Johnson started this petition to Netflix and

Please bring Manifest back for 3 more seasons, there are so many people who love the show and the creator who has so much passion for what he created. 

It has been #1 hot list on Netflix for about a month now. There is so many answers we need. Have you ever had that feeling of you can't wait to get home after a long day, sit down and wanna watch your favorite show?

Well I have and I work my butt off and get so excited to come home and watch Manifest and after finishing season 3 on Netflix, I decided to check when season 4 comes out. I was devastated once I saw NBC canceled probably one of the greatest show I have ever watched and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that.

That cliffhanger in the season 3 finale left me with so many unanswered questions. I wish to see 3 more seasons of Manifest and I'm sure there is 100,000 or more of us who do. 

I have never spent my time on a lunch break watching a show before, but yet I was watching Manifest on my lunchbreak trying to get 30 minutes of the show in my mind and wonder whats gonna happen next when I get home.

I never thought about fighting for change like this let alone a TV show, but it is absolutely worth it, even if this petition gets zero signatures, I still tried no matter what.

Please bring back Manifest you would make so many people happy and fill the hole left in the wondering department of the brain.

Here are a few things that will help you understand bringing Manifest back and how you can benefit.

  1. Fill many peoples hearts who love Manifest 
  2. Money, because Manifest is gaining a lot of money
  3. More audience to support you
  4. Get more subscribers for Netflix or any platform that picks it up.
  5. Giving the people who support the platform the ending that deserve.

Showing the creator, cast and crew, that their hard work pays off by letting them finish what they started.



This petition made change with 4,733 supporters!

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