Fans Are Threatening To Leave Netflix Due To Controversial New Show Messiah

Fans Are Threatening To Leave Netflix Due To Controversial New Show Messiah

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Started by Zeynaba Dahir

Starring Mission: Impossible — Fallout‘s Michelle Monaghan as CIA agent Eve Geller, she’s assigned the case of a mysterious man called Al Massih ad-Dajjal, who is is played by London Has Fallen‘s Mehdi Dehbi. The big hook is that Dajjal claims he’s the son of God.

However, for those who were presumably pretty p*ssed by The Passion of the Christ, Messiah is rubbing some people up the wrong way. With a small group of Netflix subscribers seeing Michael Petroni’s thriller as a middle finger to religion, they’re threatening to boycott Netflix over the series.

Netflix new release series called Messiah is causing a lot of conversation, viewers will immediately be able to notice that it is based on Islamic descriptions of the coming of Dajjal.

Can we really allow our money to be used in the production of evil content like this? with your participation join me in boycotting Netflix.

How can we knowingly allow our money to go here rather than better causes?

You may say it is a non-issue, it's just a series. But this slow exposure of evil and anti-Islamic propaganda will slowly turn hearts. Muslims are not just the only ones that believe in the Antichrist. This topic is rather sensitive and making a production like this will only have viewers forgetting the fact that this matter is not a joke. 

Please join me in signing this petition and support the cause of boycotting Netflix Messiah series. The more people that vote the better chance we have In having our voices heard. 

7,205 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!