Create a season 2 of The Mist!! We want answers!!

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The Mist television series stepped into our lives on June 22, 2017. Its platform was on Spiketv at the time of initial airing. It quickly reached about 400,000 viewers per episode, despite Spiketv's biased viewer base (which was on average the 42 yr old male). It was filmed in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It is said that the province itself invested about 5 million dollars and another provincial group invested around 6 million. The show also showcased many actors and actresses new to the scene, keeping the show surprising and tasteful. Despite these facts, the show was still cancelled on September 27, 2017. It wasnt until the show became available on Netflix worldwide, that we got a taste of this wonderful and addictive show. The giant platform finally showed everyone what The Mist was really made of. So please. Join the petition to create a second season of The Mist. We need answers to this awesome show. Only then may it completely rest in peace.


What may still happen...


Here you can read about how things went in Nova Scotia. It would be another good boost for the province and help to ease production costs for company making it.