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Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix!

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For years, there has been no reliable way to watch what is, in many people's opinion, the greatest television show ever broadcast. Due to a copyright dispute, the episodes were understandably removed from YouTube, and because of poor sales of the Unsolved Mysteries box sets, Cosgrove-Meurer probably will never issue the season DVDs that millions of Stack-starved fans are pining for. Not only does this situation leave long-time fans unsatisfied in their desire to hear Bob Stack's voice make the hair on the back of their necks stand straight up, it leaves hundreds of victims and their families unsatisfied in their quest for answers, and ultimately, justice. Even 15 years after the show was ultimately cancelled, there remains a chance to solve the hundreds of mysteries that never got to hear the sweet music that meant an update. These aren't merely fictional mysteries that you read on your Kindle while you wait on line for your flight to board; they are excruciatingly real, not only for the families involved but for everyone who crosses their path. So what I propose is this: in order for the most Unsolved of Mysteries to ever have a chance of going from red to black, they can't sit in a drawer buried deep in some storage room at Cosgrove-Meurer Productions in Burbank somewhere. They need to see the light of day! The voices of the victims need to be heard if we the good people of these United States are to help them in their quest for answers. And what better way to get nationwide, scratch that WORLDWIDE, exposure than to have them gloriously displayed on the western world's most popular video streaming service? While signing this petition is a great start, and it would be a great honor for you to do so, what the world really needs is for you to call Netflix at 1-800-585-7265 or begin a chat with their help center online and put in a request for this amazing show to appear on their amazing service. The more people we get, the more leverage we have, and the more leverage we have, the higher the chances are of once again hearing the creepiest theme song known to man from the speakers of your computer or mobile device. And the more people that watch, the higher the chances are that someone, somewhere will find justice and peace. Wasn't that the whole point of the show to begin with? TOGETHER, we CAN solve this mystery!!

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