Cast a Pembroke Welsh Corgi as Ein in the Cowboy Bebop Netflix adaptation

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Over the last year, Netflix has made (or allowed) a significantly higher quantity of non-transparent decisions that have been disappointing fans across the globe. We had our Marvel shows canceled, we had Death Note poorly adapted, and now, one of the most beloved aspects of Cowboy Bebop is being changed.

Ein the "data dog" has been cast to be portrayed by a husky. Being personally saddened by this, I looked around the internet and found I was not alone in this feeling. Ein played a big role in changes within my own life, and fan communities have been created around corgis simply because of Ein. One could even argue that over the last generation or two, Ein popularized the corgi in American culture. Blizzard Entertainment even has a serious corgi culture, some of which was inspired by Ein.

The Netflix spokesperson who said, “Nothing in the story says Ein has to be a Corgi,” is insensitive to the fans who have expressed their personal connection to Ein being a corgi.

Lastly, the fact that Ein was chosen to be a corgi simply because it was the favorite breed of one of the anime's creative team's members is something that can be retained as keeping a piece of the original creating team's soul in the adaptation. Marvel does this so well by making calls to famous elements of the comics that writers and artists from generations past were so loved for and including easter eggs that show the creators of the adaptation cares deeply about fans to include certain key elements that made the show so meaningful to said fans.

Netflix has a chance to mirror this feeling by listening fans and undo the casting of a husky for Ein. We will see how they respond.