Cancel Netflix Series '13 Reasons Why'

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'13 Reasons Why' is a hit series created by Netflix. It follows the story of students at Liberty High, where Hannah Baker leaves 13 tapes for people after she committed suicide. Each cassette tape explains why she killed herself, specifically who drove her to do the act. Clay Jensen, the protagonist of the show, finds these tapes at his doorstep, only to find out that he's one of the reasons why.

This show currently has two seasons on Netflix, the third one having just been announced. It contains graphic imagery and depictions of suicide, rape and assault. The show also tackles other topics such as depression and mental illness.

13 Reasons Why does more harm than good. Whilst some may disagree, it is definitely not a good show for those with mental illness. The show has actually caused real life suicides, some even copying Hannah Baker as they remade the tapes. The producers of the show have talked to psychologists during the making of the show, and in the end they completely disregarded everything they said. Experts specifically said not to include graphic scenes, yet the show is filled with them.

The vile community. The majority of the audience of this show are young and impressionable kids. Some of them barely understand the concept of depression and/or suicide. A lot of the people who watch it are also extremely rude to others who make valid points on why the show is harming. An example of this - a girl on Twitter had made a list of trigger warnings with time stamps for the second season of 13 Reasons Why (click here to see). She made this so people could safely watch the show and avoid certain triggers. Fans of the show had flooded her account with abuse, stating that she is simply "too sensitive" or "you're taking it too seriously". This is disgusting behaviour, especially from people who claim to be "woke" and now "understand mental illness" because of this show. It just shows how it doesn't help at all. 

Coming out is easy. In the second season, one of the queer characters, Courtney, is forced out during the trial. Whilst being forced out is a real issue and is good to shed light on, they shrugged it off as if it meant nothing, and how "we're in the 21st century" so it's obviously easy. Coming out is a difficult thing to do, regardless of our time period. As for some people, it may be easy, the show treats it as if it'll be like that for everyone and it doesn't matter. News flash: coming out matters and it can be extremely scary for people to do. A character in the show literally said to her that coming out "isn't a big deal". I do not know what the writers intended with this plot line and they've messed it up multiple times.

Usage of graphic imagery. If you are familiar with the show, you will know that they are not afraid to show very graphic and disturbing scenes, especially with the last episodes on both season 1 and 2. Rather than putting those horrific scenes on screen, they could’ve simply explained how the character’s felt. This would’ve been much better as people who have experienced these traumatic events could relate to it in a way where it won’t trigger them.  Some of the scenes in this show are unnecessary and serve no purpose. People who have lived it do not need to relive it through a graphic scene of a character’s experience. 

Adults do help you. This show is supposed to help people and raise awareness, and by making the adults completely clueless, it’s giving out the message that they can’t help you and you are alone. Mr. Porter is the school counsellor in the series. Hannah goes to him for support, which is a good thing to do and to show that getting help is an option. But that is later ruined when Hannah blatantly tells him she was sexually assaulted and wants to end her life. What does Mr. Porter do? He acts like it’s a joke and says he can’t help her unless she tells him the person who sexually assaulted her. Whilst it's understandable that he cannot protect her from her rapist, he could’ve — and should’ve — payed more attention to what he can do, which was stop her from ending her life. It paints out adults to be clueless idiots, and then when Hannah gets angry and Mr. Porter and walks away, he continues to do nothing. 

This show had so much potential, they could raise awareness about suicide. But they completely ruined it by it’s execution. It does not deserve a third, or any more seasons.