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Bring back "MURDER, SHE WROTE" to Netflix AGAIN!

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3 years ago the same petition was made, 'Bring back "MURDER, SHE WROTE" to Netflix Streaming!!!!'

Now we are asking you to please sign it for the same reason, to bring back our most favorite murder mystery show, featuring the amateur detective sleuth, Jessica Fletcher played by the ever beloved Angela Lansbury. The fans of 'Murder She Wrote' are needed once again to unite and bring this wonderful show back to Netflix. 

On December 8th, upon seeing the infamous sign at the bottom or the show screen, "Will be removed by Jan. 1" I called Netflix. It then disappeared, but just to make sure, I called to ask if it was really going down, and the person on the line looked at the information on it and proceeded to tell me they had renewed the contracts for this show. Me and my mother were relieved. However, later in December it appeared once again. I called Netflix once more, frustrated and explained that I was told that it would not be taken down because the contracts had been renewed and the gentlemen was confused because it was included in their list to be taken down on January 1st, 2017.

He said if the show had enough complaints then Netflix would have no choice but to renew the contracts and put it back up. They take the viewers' opinions and complaints very seriously. So I'm drawing up a petition for all 12 seasons from 1984 to 1996 on the CBS network, with 264 episodes to be added back to Netflix. 

My mother and I have major anxiety and this show has brought us comfort for many years. It was always continuously playing in the background during the day and especially into the night because our anxiety and insomnia would not let us calm down enough to go to sleep, but Murder She Wrote always helped us. For our sake and others like us please renew the contract of Murder She wrote. You would be doing a service for all of us that suffer from anxiety or other impairments, those that are inspired by writing, love a good murder mystery, and for all of us that love Angela Lansbury.

All episodes were watched over and over, countless number of times and we need all the loyal viewers to help us bring this show back once again. 

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