Adapt Storm and Silence into a Film

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The Storm and Silence Saga is one that has encaptured the interest of millions around the world, both online and on paper.

Though many books that start on Wattpad become published, very few continue to gain as much success as this series has with each book that comes out. All of the description, and the characters that you can’t help but fall in love with can only make people wonder: what would this be like as a movie?

Many love to see the thoughts of a deserving author come to live on the big screen, which is why there is such an open market. Robert Thier, the author, has millions of fans who would eagerly await such a production.

As long as the script stays true to the book and is adapted well, there is no way the movie could flop. 

Please help give the public, and the long-time readers what they have wanted for so long and sign to support this cause.

If you are wary of signing because you don’t want to see this book ruined by the film: 

We have all felt the disappoint when we watch a movie that completely obliterated the book to pieces.

Should a film be taken on by a production company, they should understand one thing: we are this willing to ban together in favor of this book being adapted as a movie. If they neglect to respect the book, as well as the readers, they just lost the key component to this movie being successful.

We all know what we want to see; a movie adaptation of Storm and Silence. Not some cheap knockoff of a story we all know and love, in which only the only parallel are the character names.

With this in mind, please sign if you want to see that story as a movie, that story alone. Anything significantly different won’t cut it, because we don’t want to see a new story, but the one we all know and hold dear to our hearts.