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Nestle Purina: Recall Chicken Jerky Treats Made in China

I lost my best friend Sampson on Friday, January 13, 2012. He died 9 days after ingesting the last food he ever ate: Waggin’ Train “Wholesome” Chicken Jerky.

I’ve since learned that we were part of a known epidemic. To date more than 2,200 cases of illness and death are attributed to chicken jerky treats made in China. Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch -- both Nestle Purina brands -- are the lead offenders in the continued sale of chicken jerky dog treats.

The most shocking part is that the FDA has known about this for years, and has even increased their warnings as recently as November, 2011.  They have researched thousands of cases, and the cases are mounting.  Mine is now one of those that they are investigating. Although the FDA cannot FORCE a recall except in cases involving drugs or infant foods, the companies responsible should protect their customers and voluntarily recall the products in question until a definitive cause is found.

I need you to help me convince Nestle Purina PetCare Company to take chicken jerky treats made in China off the shelves until they can be proven safe.

Despite warnings from the FDA and the leading veterinary associations in the U.S. and Canada, Nestle Purina has refused all accountability, instead placing blame on people like me who have lost their companions. If their treats were safe, as they repeatedly claim, death and illness would never have been the end result for so many.

I have joined a wonderful Facebook group called “ANIMAL PARENTS AGAINST PET TREATS MADE IN CHINA!”  When I joined in January, there were a dozen members.  Two months later there are over 6,000. The awareness of this horror is growing because so many have or know of a horror story involving CHICKEN JERKY TREATS.

No animal should ever have to die due to “treats.” How many thousands of grieving pet owners still have no idea what sickened or killed their pet? As long as these products are still on the shelves, the suffering will continue.

Please go to the Petition Updates Tab for important links to our Facebook, to the current FDA warning, and other informational links.  

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Vice president Veterinary/Natural Foods Businesses; Nestle Purina PetCare Company Ms. Jorje Quinn (Vice president Veterinary/Natural Foods Businesses; Nestle Purina PetCare Company)
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Hundreds of dogs have become ill and died after consuming chicken jerky treats made in China, including those sold under your brands WAGGIN’ TRAIN and CANYON CREEK RANCH. Kidney failure, liver failure, Fanconi Syndrome, and many other related illnesses have been linked to your products.

As you are aware, the FDA has been investigating and cautioning customers for years about the potential dangers of chicken jerky treats made in China, and has increased the warning the past few months. On March 9, the American Veterinary Medical Association alerted its members to the health risks associated with your treats.

Although you cannot be forced to issue a recall until a specific contaminant is found, that does not mitigate your responsibility to those who use your product and expect their companions to remain alive. No animal should ever have to die due to treats.

Your motto is "Good Food, Good Life" and you call yourself the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company. I urge you to be a shining example to all pet food companies by issuing a voluntary recall of all chicken jerky treats made in China until they can be proven safe.

Please use your status as an industry leader to lead the industry back to path of caring for innocent pets over corporate profits. Please recall all chicken jerky treats made in China now.

Taking them off the market will show your compassion for your concerned customers and the hundreds who have experienced tragic losses, and that you don’t treat animal health risks as acceptable. Please do not let one more pet suffer for the sake of profit.


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