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Nestle Purina Pet Care Australia stop using kangaroo meat in your pet food

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Kangaroos are the victims of the largest land-based wildlife slaughter in the world. Every year the commercial kangaroo industry kills millions of kangaroos for their meat and skins which is sold to Australian and international companies and turned into pet food, footwear, leather accessories and kangaroos steaks, burgers and sausages. The commercial slaughter of kangaroos by the kangaroo industry is a profit driven industry in meat and skins and is not for population control or damage mitigation.... in 2014 alone at least 130,000 female kangaroos were shot by the kangaroo industry for their meat and skins, resulting in the cruel death and orphaning of hundreds of thousands of pouch and at foot dependent young.
After the kangaroo mother is shot by commercial shooters, the joey is wrenched from it's pouch and bashed to death or decapitated, while the at-foot dependent joeys are left to die as orphans from starvation, dehydration, stress, predation, exposure, etcSince 2001 kangaroo populations have declined by 40% and according to a report and threatened species nomination by NSW ecologist Ray Mjadwesch, all commercially hunted kangaroos have declined so dramatically that they fulfill the criteria as a threatened species.Dr.David Obendorf an Australian wildlife veterinary pathologist ,after 20 years of experience admits that Kangaroos can harbour a wide range of parasitic bacterial ,fungal and viral diseases.Samples obtained by Animal Liberation NSW from biopsies performed on carcasses showed that the levels of Escherichia Coli to be so high that they were warranted Australian Quarantine and inspection service (AQIS) alert known as E.Coli alerts .Canada and Russia has banned the importation of kangaroo meat.The European Union is currently considering banning the importation of all kangaroo products.According to RSPCA report the way in which pouch joey's are killed by the industry that is by decapitation and clubbing ;;is not considered a humane methid of euthanasia''Fresh Kangaroo meat is poisoning animals Veterinarian's urgent warning !!!!!AToday Tonight investigation revealed that pet meat made from kangaroo could harm and even kill our pets .some links to read :  Purina is harming Australia 's wildlife and puts our pet's health at risk.Please ask Purina Pet care Australia to stop using kangaroo meat in their pet food.

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