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Prevent the barbaric Gadhimai Festival reoccuring again

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2019 will mark the next Gadhimai Festival in Nepal, a Hindu religious event that takes place every 5 years. 

It is unsure how many animals are sacrificed to the Goddess of power who naturally according to logic will not bestow any real benefit to her bloodthirsty followers on earth, owing to non existence, but even if she does exist, what kind of deity would relish and require the barbaric bloody slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent creatures to answer your prayers? Figures range from 100,000 to 500,000. The victims are mainly buffalo, followed by goats, sheep, chickens, pigeons, anything they can get their hands on really. 

In one big  'celebration' mostly men weild huge blades and hack mercilessly through pens of animals until blood and the stench of death is all consuming. Does this prove strength or sacrifice? What has the person who is praying sacrificed except the life of another? We can all get over that a lot easier than the thought of facing death ourselves.

Many animals are walked hundreds of miles, starved and dehydrated so they fight back less when slaughter time comes. Many animals come from india who oppose it. Transporting the animals is illegal but still it continues out of religious zeal.

Next to this horrendous spectacle, like something out of hell children and women gather to make prayers, eat and even take fairground rides. Fun day out, huh?

It is thought the government does not end this as they make money from the event. It is televised and much meat is salvaged and sold on making certain people money.

You do not have to be vegetarian or vegan to oppose this. Slaughter by machete in a mass frenzy of thousands of frightened, starved animals is not how responsible abbatoirs function. Everyone can make ethical pain and torture free choices surrounding meat, as an omnivorous species. Along with other animal products. That is not the issue here. I find that if the issue is dog meat, this argument is virtually never raised but if it involves any kind of animal like the chicken or cow then according to some it cannot be argued with as we do the same thing. No we don't. And animal welfare should be upheld everywhere. 

The last petition against this revolting festival, thought to be the largest animal sacrifice in the world did not even reach its goal of signatures, while daily people fight and get emotional over similar issues regarding 'pet' animals like the dog. Both are as important as each other. Start signing now and share this around the world before 2019.

Nepal you are shaming yourselves. Use logic. Consider what real power is. It does not come from the sacrifice of another, blood, blades or horror. Move forward and become wiser. Leave this in the past, please. 

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Nepali Congress Central Office
B.P. Smriti Bhawan, B.P. Nagar, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal
Fax: ++ (977-1) 5555188 

Communist Party of Nepal (CPN ML) 

Address: Maitidevi

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Address: Buddha Nagar
Fax: ++ (977-1) 4602289

Communist Party of Nepal (Unified)

Address: Dhobi Khola

Ministry of Tourism
Fax: ++ (977-1) 4211758

Rastriya Prajatantra Party
Address: Chabahil

Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party
Address: Baneshwor
Fax: ++ (977-1) 4462383

Nepal Workers and Peasants Party
Address: Bhaktapur
Fax: ++ (977-1) 6613207

Madhesi's People's Right Forum
Address: Kupondole
Fax: ++ (977-1) 5541278 

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