Justice for Rape Victim: Nirmala Panta

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To the whole world

Nirmala Panta: A rape victim who was raped and brutally murdered on 26/07/2018 haven't got the justice yet. We Nepalese are now feeling that - Justice delayed is Justice denied.  

We don't understand why is it taking so long to break the ice regarding the case.  And many of us feel, someone at a very powerful position or their own relatives or friends or someone very close to them may have some involvement in the case, which is just prediction of ours. Also, the same prediction go for political involvement.

Whats more is that,  the victims clothes were washed right on the spot of crime, where her body lied that too by the Police. Why can't the government ask proper logical questions about who made them do so and why was it necessary to do so. 

We urge The United Nations to hear it and make proper investigations to settle the case and provide justice, even it has been too delayed hence denied for the time being.