Stop Nyandarua County from hiving off 163 acres of the Aberdare Rain Forest.

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The Aberdare Rain Forest is the water catchment area for both Sasumua and Ndakaini dams which provide Nairobi with 11.1 % and 84% of water respectively. The rain forest is also the catchment area for Tana River, the largest river in Kenya, supplying water to the Seven Forks hydroelectric power complex which generates over 55 percent of Kenya's total electricity output.

Seprately, the Aberdare is home to the endangered Black Rhino. In 1989, after years of illegal activities in the forest’s ecosystem, an initiative to fence the Aberdare was born. Led by Rhino Ark and with the support of individual and institutional well wishers, this initiative successfully delivered a 400km electric fence around the Aberdare in 2009. With this fence, the security of the wildlife in the Aberdare and farmers around the forest was secured.

Now, the County Government of Nyadarua which hosts the rain forest has put forward a proposal to hive off 163 or the almost 450,000 acres of the forest for dairy farming activities. 

Without looking at the arguments of the need to expand the industry, I believe the value the country gets from protecting the rain forest and improving it further, far much outweighs the benefits of milk.