NEMA & Nairobi County Government to Regulate Kesha Noise Pollution

NEMA & Nairobi County Government to Regulate Kesha Noise Pollution

8 September 2022
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H.E Hon. Arthur Sakaja (Nairobi County Governor) and 1 other
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Started by Lucia Ayiela

Your Excellency Hon. Sakaja Arthur Johnson, can the city of Nairobi aptly known as ‘the green city in the sun’ become a trendsetter for the rest of the continent in handling noise pollution through innovation and enforcement of the law? Are you willing to tackle the noise pollution challenge head on, or will it continue to be lowly ranked in the priority list?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find any residential area in the Nairobi metropolis where one can live in peace and enjoy tranquility. I address this petition to your good office because, as a resident of Nairobi I have no peace due to noise emanating from a church Kesha in my community. While I have no qualms with religion or the freedom of worship the sound levels exceed the legally set limits hence terming it as noise pollution. 

The city has clear guidelines entitled “The Environment Management and Coordination (Noise and Excessive Vibration Pollution) (Control) Regulations, 2009′under the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), enforcement is needed. Changes in the country’s legislative structure have also seen some functions of environmental management being devolved to the local government.

As residents of Nairobi, we have a right to a peaceful and serene environment. Noise Pollution annoys, distracts and can induce deterioration of health. Additionally, it interferes with thinking, concentrating, working, talking, listening, or sleeping.

Nairobi City County Deputy Governor and Acting Governor, H.E Ann Kananu signed the Nairobi City County Public Nuisance Act 2021 into law. Hon. Kananu said that, “The objective of this act is to provide for the control of public nuisance and empower the county to take all lawful necessary and reasonably practicable measures for the maintenance of the county at all times in a clean and sanitary condition.”

This petition therefore calls upon the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and Governor Sakaja, to pronounce the Nairobi County Government on this matter and to implement the laws that protect our rights and well-being.


This petition made change with 763 supporters!

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  • H.E Hon. Arthur SakajaNairobi County Governor
  • Mamo Boru MamoNational Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)