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Say No to residential housing in the Kaka / Maitai Valley

Please only sign this petition if you know the Maitai Valley area.

An impending private application to change the land zoning from rural to residential, to add 500-700 houses in the Kaka Valley, Maitai, will completely erode the rural environment, build unnecessary public infrastructure, vastly increase traffic movement, and spoil this walking, cycling, swimming and picnicking destination that so many people enjoy.  

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We request that the Nelson City Council, does not accept or approve any private or public action that will lead to or result in the rezoning of rural land in The Kaka Valley, (adjacent to the Maitai Valley) as residential land.—————————————————————————————

Why is this important?

This is a unique area in Nelson; a slice of quiet Kiwi countryside free of city life constraints, just 5 minutes from the CBD, which all Nelsonians have the freedom to access.  It’s one of the special spots that makes Nelson a great place to live.

Nelsonians have already stated their preference for revitalisation of the CBD with intensification (infill and building up) as the primary development method for adding new housing stock:

  • In the 2006 Nelson Urban Growth Strategy, Nelsonians said they strongly opposed development in the Maitai area.
  • In the 2019 Future Development Strategy, Nelsonians said they support building up (intensification), not building out (greenfield expansion / urban sprawl) as their preferred strategy for housing growth.

Keep the Maitai and Kaka Valley free of residential housing, heavy traffic flows, and air and water pollution. 

Who are we?
Save the Maitai is a recently formed citizens movement to preserve the unique character of the Maitai Valley as an important rural recreation area for all Nelsonians. Our community is coming together to say no to residential rezoning in Maitai Valley.

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