End your sponsorship deal with BP

End your sponsorship deal with BP

22 April 2014
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Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum (The British Museum)
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Started by Reclaim Shakespeare Company

BP is a high-profile sponsor of the British Museum. It is gaining credibility and profile from this partnership, right at the time when we need our public institutions to cut their ties with the fossil fuel industry.

BP is only sponsoring our history to help it get away with destroying our future.

The science is clear - we must leave 80% of fossil fuels in the ground to have a real chance of preventing irreversible climate change. But BP is intent on keeping the world hooked on dirty oil until we’ve passed the point of no return. It is a huge part of the problem, actively lobbying against environmental laws and blocking clean energy alternatives around the world.

BP isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. It’s been accused of trampling over Indigenous rights in Canada, failing to properly compensate the victims of its devastating Gulf Coast oil spill and colluding with oppressive regimes from Indonesia to Colombia. Despite the Deepwater Horizon tragedy it is pushing to drill in ever-more risky and polluting places, from deep offshore rigs to tar sands to the Arctic.

It's easy to see why BP wants to throw money at cultural institutions, to distract attention from its destructive activities and present itself as a responsible member of society instead. But the British Museum should not be complicit in this deception. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu said earlier this month, "People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change."

Please join us in calling for the British Museum to commit to ending its relationship with BP. The current 5-year sponsorship deal comes to an end in 2017 and must not be renewed.

For more information:

The Reclaim Shakespeare Company: www.bp-or-not-bp.org
Art Not Oil Coalition: www.artnotoil.org.uk

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This petition had 720 supporters

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