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We, the undersigned residents of Milford, Hopkinton, Holliston, Upton, Bellingham, Hopedale, Millis, Ashland, Franklin and Medway, wish to preserve the character, integrity and fabric of our communities.

A Casino would inalterably change our communities for generations to come. No amount of mitigation would offset or protect us from drastic changes to our community and way of life. We oppose a casino in Milford.


Letter to
Massachusetts State Gaming Commissioner Chairman Stephen Crosby
I have signed this online petition to express my opposition to the proposed development of a destination casino in Milford.

I believe a destination resort casino, sited in a residential area, will be an assault on our quality of life: making our community less safe, cannibalizing existing businesses, causing long-term job loss, and creating and intensifying destructive social problems.

No amount of money or other enticements can mitigate the adverse impact that a casino will have on our neighborhoods and the greater region.

Casinos fail to provide long-term solutions for local and state economies and undermine smart, quality growth and job development.

A casino and the multitude of problems it brings with it is no legacy for our children and those who come after us.

Please reject the development of a casino in Milford.


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