Negligence charges for Harley Dilly’s parents

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We believe that Harley Dilly was a beautiful and loving 14 year old boy from Port Clinton Ohio that deserves justice.

Harley disappeared Friday, December 20th on his way to school (last confirmed sighting via surveillance according to PCPD at 6:08am)  and was NOT reported missing to police by his parents for 41 hours. 

Harley's mother (Heather Dilly)  claimed on her social media that Harley was low functioning autistic and she still didn’t report him missing.  His father stated in police reports that he was high function autistic but he also waited 41 hours to report Harley missing.

It has also been reported that Heather Dilly didn't respond to a call from the school notifying her that Harley was absent on Friday. Heather went out for dinner and drinks the evening of the 20th and 21st (as shown in her facebook posts) while her son was missing. 

Finally on Dec 21st at 11:50pm, at LEAST 41 hours after they last saw him they would make a police report.

Harley has posted many videos to YouTube. One saying he was scared and locked out of the house in the cold a year ago. As well as others that are cause for concern about Harley's home life. 

Harley was found just over 3 weeks later in the house across from his own inside a chimney.  There are many questioning the manner of death however we believe the parents ARE NEGLIGENT in their failure to report him missing AND NEED TO BE CHARGED UNDER Ohio's Child Neglect Laws.

We believe it is clear negligence to NOT REPORT YOUR CHILD MISSING for such a long time!! Help us bring justice to Harley.  Let’s show him he was loved and that we all care! Hold these parents accountable for their lack of action!!

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