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Update: January 17, 2013 --

First-ever Lawsuit Under California Cruelty Law Filed Against Animal Research Lab in Santa Cruz; Animal Protection Groups Charge Federal Investigations Reveal Severe Neglect of Animals  

January 14, 2013 --

Santa Cruz Biotech has LIED to USDA inspectors — actually denying the existence of 841 goats! Many of whom suffered unreported and untreated illnesses! 

Santa Cruz Biotech continues to brazenly KILL animals and BREAK the law! Stop them NOW!


The Santa Cruz Biotech lab (SCB) has continued to flagrantly violate the Animal Welfare Act—leading to more animal deaths—even after previous violations led to the filing of a federal complaint by the USDA.

Federal complaint charges date from July 24, 2007 through May 2, 2012. And more recent inspections reveal continuing serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including:

— a goat euthanized for an undiagnosed lung abscess

— a goat lost 23 percent body weight due to an inability to eat properly after a rattlesnake bite to the face

— a goat losing 17 percent body weight in three weeks after receiving inadequate treatment

The Secretary of Agriculture  – Tom Vilsack – and the Director of the USDA’s Western Regional Office – Dr. Robert Gibbens – need to ensure full prosecution and immediately confiscate all animals in need of veterinary care.

Additional details on this case can be found at: 


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