Unfair trial in the Lee County Florida Court!

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My home I bought soley in my name was awarded to"Death Kit Stalker Tolga Miran" An illegal alien who is spending 30 years in prison for wanting to kill me. He made me sign a Settlement agreement in 2011 under duress that was dismissed in its entirety by Tolga and attorney Sobel in Lee county On Feb 2011 two days after he was arrested for holding me captive in my home and threatening my life.When he got arrested I went to attorney Joseph Hoffman and told him I was being held captive in my home by my husband at the time.  Judge Amy  Hawthorn in Lee county still awarded my 118,000 dollar home to Tolga for 14,000.

My name is Caridad Moulton,formerly known as Caridad Miran. An ex Security officer for over 30 years! An American citizen who worked here in the United States! I  was held captive  in my home on Feb 2011 by my ex alien husband when I brought him here to America. I married him in Turkey in 2009 and brought him here to America 1 year later. I withdrew his petition 2 months after he arrived in 2010 because he was threatening my life over the home I had bought during the marriage but from funds I had before the marriage. Everything was in my name only and he never paid a time on anything! No commingled funds! It was my home only! And I planned on keeping it this way always.

He beat me and threatened my life if I didn't sign my house over to him! I had exclusive use of the home at the time. We had a no contact order! He broke in and held me captive in my room beating me till I almost died  and  made me sign my house in his name! Then a settlement agreement also for 14,000 a month later because he found out the home deed he made me sign was in both our names and not only his!  All this was done under a no contact order. He would make me drive to the attorney offices under a gun point and told me to do as he says and act normal even though the attorneys knew something was not right but I was scared to say anything! I was so scared to die! There was lots of domestic violence reports and not even the police helped me here in Lehigh Acres Florida!!  This man was arrested for holding me captive in March of 2011!  I have witnesses! I have lots evidence and pictures and I lost in court! Nobody is listening to me! Nobody cared what this man did to me!! I don't know what to do! 

Judge Amy Hawthorn in Lee county Florida awarded my home for 14,0000 to my ex husband during our divorce even with all the evidence I had!  I appealed to the 2nd district court of appeals a year ago and lost that too! My attorney did a rehearing just 2 months ago and this was also denied the other day FEB 26 2018! I am devastated how this illegal alien can get away with all this. A man in prison for 30 years who wanted to kill me for my home!! And the  settlement agreement that was dismissed by him!!!!! Does not make sense!

I am now homeless! Lost everything!!  I am a 60 year old American citizen who never had a criminal background! Tolga placed many false charges on me to keep me out of my home!!! Put drugs in my purse, put false restraint orders on me keeping me out of my home!! and I spent 2 years on probation for the drug charge he put on me.!I was a security officer for over 30 years and lost everything even my job because of this man!! The courts protected a man who is not even a citizen of the U.S!

 This is wrong what the courts have done to me. I have so much evidence!!! I want my home back! It's all I have left. I've lost everything!! He destroyed my life! I want my justice in Lee county! This is unfair!!! Unjustified!! Please help! I've been fighting for my home since 2011!!! 

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