Need to Remove the iCloud activation lock?

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If you want to have your iCloud lock permanently unlocked you will have to pay someone to do it, yes it’s must have to. Unfortunately, there is no free iCloud unlock solution that works.

They are confusing. They are inaccurate. Many are scams. Some are simply dangerous.

For example:

Some article suggests jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. But it does not work as it will only unlock your iCloud after the lock has been removed by another method.

Software downloads don’t work either as the lock is kept on Apple servers, not on your computer.

Having software on your computer and iPhone won’t help. It will make things worse. Especially if it includes hidden viruses within it that infect your computer.

They don’t.

They are designed to make you believe your unlock will work if you click a bunch of ads.

Websites with PDF books full of instructions don’t contain the ‘secret’ either…

…but you don’t find this out until after you paid.

The only way I have found to permanently remove the iCloud lock was by using paid removal service.

It worked for me.

However, be careful as there are some scammers that charge as much as $150 USD and don’t unlock your device.

How do I know?

I tried them out…

…and after my experiences, I decided to write this article to try and help others.

Hopefully, like me, you will successfully unlock your device.

In a hurry: If you don’t want to read the complete review of the iCloud removal companies iProtocolTm iCloud removal service.

They unlocked all the iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch I supplied within 20 to 35 business days.

Some suppliers charge their £23 fee (approx $30 USD) was very reasonable.

iCloud unlock service reviews

Firstly, I needed to find out who to try. So I did a Google search to find as many iCloud removal companies as possible.

I reviewed each of their websites carefully and if they had a download or online tool I tried it out.

If it didn’t work then it was cut from my short list.

If they offered an unlocking service I tried to get in touch with them and verify there was someone actually in control.

If the website had no contact details, or I didn’t get a reply then I didn’t trust it. After all, if nobody is there how could I ensure the service worked?

If they did reply, they made it to the next stage.

Next step in finding the best iCloud unlocking service

After figuring out the scammers I then concentrated on the ones that were left.

I reviewed their websites thoroughly and noted that they made the following claims:

Time Schedule of unlock process (Scammers ensuring 2 or 3 days to Unlock)
Dedicated customer support team
Responsive support – with email’s answered quickly.
Competitive pricing
No fix, no fee with a full refund policy
Official unlocks verified by Apple iCloud servers
This all sounded good.


Real world test: Can they really unlock iPhones, Apple Watch and iPads?

I reached out to my community here at iChimp to track down people who wanted to unlock iCloud on their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.

I picked a wide sample of iPad and iPhone models located worldwide to test each service and get ‘real’ feedback from real people.

I ended up with 18 community members with the following types of device:

iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 7
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPad Air
iPad Mini 2
Apple Watch Series 3
Each individual emailed me their iPad, Apple Watch or iPhone model and IMEI/Serial code so I could place orders with each of the top 3 suppliers.

After evaluating the claims listed above I decided to judge each supplier based on the following:

Did it work?
Customer Service
Did it work?

Did they actually manage to unlock iCloud, yes or no. Simple. If they can’t do the task they claimed to do then they failed.


Some of the scammers charged as much as $150 USD (£112) however the remaining 3 services I reviewed all charged around $30 USD (£23).


I wanted each of the iPhones or Apple Watch standard unlocking time schedule. 2 or 3 days unlocking never trustworthy or good enough, I wanted it done in 20 to 30 business days because it’s not so easy to collect and backlink every device’s IMEI or serial number for removing iCloud locked account.

Customer service

I wanted to feel comfortable that when the payment was made that I would know what was going on at each stage of the unlock process.

I was also keen that each service would have customer support so that I could contact them if I wished.

I wanted to feel confident and comfortable with what was going on.

The Best One Company - My Choice: is the best of the bunch They managed to unlock every iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch I sent them.

I simply provided my iPhone model, IMEI code and Other Device Apple Watch serial number, and paid using my card as described in the simple step by step instructions below.

They were the only ones in my shortlist that managed to do so.

They also unlocked them in the time schedule what was customer support said.

There customer support was great with replies coming back from my queries in under 2/3 hour .

They are also good value for money charging approx $30 USD (£23) per unlock.

The price is in UDD as it is an English based company. They offer iCloud removal no matter where you are located –  so anywhere in the world. If you are not in England this is not a problem.

If your iPhone, Apple Watch is locked to an iCloud account and you need to get it unlocked, you should use .

What customers say

Here are a couple of reviews I found online about the iProtocolTm iCloud Removal service:

Simple step-by-step instructions on how to use to unlock your iPhone and Apple Watch

I had a couple of people contact me saying they were a bit confused about what to do to unlock their device so here is a quick tutorial on what you need to do.

1. Before you begin you need to know your IMEI code or Apple Watch Serial Number. This is the unique id for the Apple device and you need to provide it so you can get it unlocked.

Don’t panic, it is very simple to do.

Option 1: Dial *#06#
Option 2: If you have an iPhone 5 or newer, your IMEI is printed on the back of the device
Option 3: If your iPhone is not activated, there will be a little “i” button on the screen, tap it and you’ll see the IMEI
If it’s Apple Watch and iCloud Locked you should follow this LINK for serial number.
2. You need to know the model of the device you want to unlock. If it is an iPhone you need to know if it is a 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, SE, 6 / 6+, 6S / 6S+, 7 / 7+, 8, 8+, X. If it’s Apple Watch you only provide the serial number.

3. Check the Page for purchase this iCloud removal service.

4. You will be sent to the secure checkout where you pay the fee using either PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. Now it’s $10 discount offer.

5. After Purchase this service you must have to send your device’s IMEI or Serial number to

6. Support team contact you within few hours. That’s all.

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