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RENT is a popular rock musical created by the late Jonathan Larson that opened on Broadway in 1996. It ran for a wonderful 12 years, making it one of the longest running Broadway shows in history. Evidently, it closed due to ticket sales slowing down in 2008. In today's society, it is hard to come across a person who is not familiar with Seasons of Love or La Vie Boheme. This show has clearly left a lasting impact on so many, young and old. Thankfully, those of a later generation have Rent the movie as well as the live taping of the final performance to educate them on all of the beautiful topics that Rent addressed, such as love, disease, identity, commitment, depression, and so much more. However, a video on a screen cannot capture the beauty that seeing Rent live does. If Rent were to be revived on Broadway, it is very likely to be successful. Here's why. After the release of the film in 2005, more fans have come into existence because of the modern approach and fine tuning. Another cause of the fan base growing is the success of the original cast members such as Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, Taye Diggs, and more. As people become fans of these celebrities, they dig into their backgrounds and discover Rent. Idina Menzel, for instance, has become very successful due to the hit Disney movie, Frozen. As people of all ages become fans of her, they buy her old work (Rent being one of them) or go see her in concert, where she may sing Take Me or Leave Me with a fan. Anthony Rapp, who is involved with GeekyCon (Formerly LeakyCon), has performed songs like La Vie Boheme as well as others, exposing Rent to all kinds of fan bases. Many people, even children, have become fans of Rent over the past few years that were not fans while it was in its first run on Broadway. There has also been a massive increase in fans since the Off-Broadway revival for similar reasons. Broadway, in general, has gained a lot more fans recently due to more celebrities endorsing theatre and starring in these shows. Consequently, as the Broadway following grows, the Rent fandom does as well. Many regret not taking the opportunity to see this incredible production, and as Jonathan Larson so beautifully stated, we should forget regret, or life is ours to miss. Let's forget regret, and revive Rent on Broadway. What if it stays open for more than 12 years this time? It is something that is definitely worth taking a chance on. As the world is changing and beginning to accept the ideas and motifs in Rent such as homosexuality and other identity-related themes, it could end up being even more popular in today's society. Perhaps now, Rent could be seen as more of a celebration than a controversy. Rent could also be a great outlet for the BCEFA organization to raise money because after seeing Rent, the audience will most likely have a better understanding of AIDs and what immune deficient patients go through. So not only would a revival of Rent be changing the lives of people who are "fans of the show," but it could also be a way to help those who cannot help themselves. There is no doubt that a revival of Rent would be successful, well-received, and truly loved by fans, old and new.

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