Hold City of Chappell Responsible for Dumping Cats Stop the InHumane Treatment of Animals

Hold City of Chappell Responsible for Dumping Cats Stop the InHumane Treatment of Animals

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Nebraska Loves Cats started this petition to Nebraska State Senate and

Nebraska municipalities misuse power in rural communities, like Chappell Nebraska, concerning rescuing community cats, and homeless pets.

Please share and sign this petition. We must hold the City of Chappell in western Nebraska responsible for writing and passing the following ordinance on May 1st of last year (2018) solely for the purpose of sueing rescuers on May 18, 2018. Ex Post Facto.

In other words, they wrote the following pet limit ordinance for the purpose of finding the rescuers in violation for breaking it.  There was no pet limit when they started rescuing dumped cats in 2016.

Rescuers went to the county attorney, Joel Jay, to get help with a community problem in 2017 and he, and the city, made a law and fined the rescuers, and filed a lawsuit for breaking it *ex post facto*. That means no one was breaking a law (pet limit law) until they made it illegal to have more than five cats, so that the city could file suit.

The comnunity is still dumping cats in Chappell, and in every rural town around the state. We need the courts to work this out now, or the problem continues, and makes the burden greater for rescuers around the state, and rural farm dumpsites where homeless unsterilized cats (and sometimes dogs) end up. We need the attention of Nebraska legislature now.

One advisor said it best:

"The louder you are the more attention that is drawn to this situation. I don't care who you are... City attorney or anyone else.... You DO NOT have the right to dump any animal. They do not have the right to create new laws just to Target a group of advocates they feel are in the way of THEIR agenda. We have to be their voice. They have none. And certain officials will do what ever they can to keep it this way. If we become silent just because it gets a little uncomfortable to fight.... The officials win... The cats lose and nothing changes. We have to be that change. If it's too hard a fight for people to stand up... Then sit down and stay out of the way so those of us that want change can tackle it head on. JMO"



(A) Any person who violates any of the provisions of this municipal code, unless otherwise

specifically provided herein, shall be deemed guilty of an offense and upon conviction thereof shall be

fined in any sum not exceeding $500 for any one offense, recoverable with costs. A new violation

shall be deemed to have been committed every 24 hours of failure to comply with the provisions of this


(B) (1) Whenever a nuisance exists as defined in § 92.20, the municipality may proceed by a suit

in equity to enjoin and abate the same, in the manner provided by law.

(2) Whenever, in any action, it is established that a nuisance exists, the court may, together

with the fine or penalty imposed, enter an order of abatement as a part of the judgment in the case.

Statutory reference:

Authority to abate nuisances, Neb. RS 18-1720 and 18-1722

Ordinance enforcement powers, see Neb. RS § 17-505"

Then the city sued rescuer for 40 over the new pet limit housed in a backyard catio built for cats awaiting adoptions. Times two offense, times 24 hours. Calculated upwards to fines in excess of 1 million dollars.

Since there were two offenses the fines would be up to $500 per offense (x2) then every 24 hours a new violation so everyday could be up to a $500 fine which equals an absurd amount of money if the Judge ordered the full $500. Even if he ordered $10 per day that would add up to an absurd fine!

The rescuers of community cats were intimidated by the city for several months as each hearing was continued, and were told if they should move out of the city the city/county attorney would drop the charges.

*So folks rescue the city's breeding dumped cats, vaccinate and neuter all that are caught, and rehome some,
* ask the county attorney for help,
*the county/city attorney, and the city, creates a pet limit law to find rescuer in violation, amd seeks to fine the rescuers in excess of 1 milliin dollars in penalties.
*rescuer gets sued for 40 rescued over the new pet limit law18 days after it is effective because it was brought to their attention by asking for help to begin with,
*rescuer is the only violator who is sued
*city threatens rescuer with absurd fines in excess of 1 million dollars by he time the case gets heard
*the city tries to intimidate rescuer into moving for many months with the powers of the court,
*and then the community continues to inhumanely dump cats because if no one DOES NOTHING, no one is called into question.


Is this how a rural muncipality should administer the law? Nevermind animal rescuers, how about anyone?

It is the responsibility of every municipality in Nebraska to follow the law.  Baiting, trapping, injurying, or dispatching your neighbor's animal is againt the law.  It is theft and should be reported and investigated as such.  

Baiting, trapping, and dumping roaming animals (strays, pets, or feral animals ) on rural farms is inhumane and cruel and is against the law.  

We have reported this at a city council meeting and to the county atty., and to the sherriff multiple times, and we have been asked to leave each time.  Do your job city officials and follow the law.   If you will not, we will  demand the the Nebraska legislature hear us.  

Nebraska legislature, if animal cruelty and theft of an anijmal is the agianst the law, how can city officials continue to practice these animal control methods that are inhumane and unjust and not be punished as criminals?



  • This is wrong!! As animal rescuers, pet owners, and animal lovers in Nebraska, we need to let the powers that be know this is wrong. Please sign and share and THANK YOU <3




0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!