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Get My Father Investigated for Child Trafficking In Omaha, NE

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My father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. trafficked and killed children in Omaha NE during the 80's and told his Methodist Hospice nurses and doctors that he had murdered children in his laundry room- which he made into a sound proof room- and put their remains in the walls of his master bedroom closet- which he totally rebuilt.

My family was involved with child trafficking in the 80s in Omaha, NE along with a group of very powerful people.  He CONTINUED murdering children afterwards- but before he died in 2006- he told me, my older sister, AND his Hospice nurses and doctors that he had murdered children and put the remains in his walls.

I have spent 11 years trying to get this investigated- to no avail.  I went to Nebraska State Patrol cold case detective John Pankonin and demanded he take my DNA to compare to cold cases in town- to see if any matched my father's or brother's- both who were child killers.  What he DID was send his sister Tru Pankonin into mine and my sister's life to gather dirt on US- and NOTHING was investigated.

This SERIOUSLY needs to be investigated- but as of yet- the police have refused- and NOW I am being targeted by my local police in Washington State to lock me up to quiet me so that I stop this crusade to expose my father's crimes.

My father's old house needs to be investigated- as do his daily hospice notes at Methodist Hospital in Omaha, NE where he told them that he was guilty of these crimes.

Please sign this- to bring justice to those murdered children and to perhaps give their families some answers.  According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Chidren- 1 child is disappearing every 27 seconds in America- which is almost 800,000 children a year.  Investigating my family could SERIOUSLY help stop this epidemic of missing children- and could perhaps give some answers to parents who have lost their children.

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