Pedro Reynoso: Actually Innocent - 1,500 miles from the crime!

Pedro Reynoso: Actually Innocent - 1,500 miles from the crime!

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                                   Pedro Reynoso is Actually Innocent!

  • Pedro left the United States on July 13, 1991 to care for his sick mother until she died. The murder took place on July 23, 1991. He did not return to the United States until 1994
  • Was in the Dominican Republic at the time the murder occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 10 witnesses including a priest in the Dominican Republic confirm he was in the Dominican Republic
  • 13 Witness in Philadelphia placed Pedro in the Dominican Republic
  • Photographic evidence shows he was in the Dominican Republic at his sons baptism. This was not presented by his original trial counsel, nor were passport stamps
  • Further photographic evidence shows him entering the Dominican Republic
  • Only called 2 witnesses were called by Pedro’s initial trial counsel when there were many more, including a priest!
  • After the trial, Pedro’s family hired a paid attorney for $25,000. Over 5 years that attorney did not update Pedro on the case or respond to 11 letters, that attorney was reported to the Disciplinary Board and given an informal warning for violating the rules of professional conduct
  • A clean-shaven man shot and killed 2 men, photographs show Pedro with a thick mustache 4 days after the crime was committed

Pedro’s health is deteriorating. Upon release he will be deported as he was an undocumented immigrant at the time of arrest. Pedro had stage 3 colon cancer but as been in remission since 2015. He is ignored by medical when he was stomach pain and has incredible fear his cancer could return.

6 of the alibi witnesses have already died – We cannot wait any longer to bring this INNOCENT man HOME!

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"On July 23, 1991, Marisol Colon-Torres was at home in North Philadelphia when a neighborhood guy, a Dominican drug dealer she knew just as Chuito, came by looking for her brother, Carlos Torres.
Chuito was angry, and Colon-Torres said she already knew he was dangerous. He ran a drug house a few doors down from her house on the 3000 block of North Darien Street, she said, and once, when he'd hired her to clean out another house he owned, he got aggressive with her sexually. Another time, when her husband stole from him, she said, Chuito held him under a scalding-hot shower to teach him a lesson.
So, she recalled, she went around the corner to wait for her brother, to flag down his car and warn him not to come to the block that day.
In the end, she didn't get the chance.

As she sat on a stoop waiting, her kids came running.
"I will never forget their faces — never," she said. "My kids ran to me and said, 'Tio! Tio! Something happened to Uncle.' "
She raced back to the block, where, she said, she found her brother and the passenger, a 17-year-old kid named Charles Rivera, had been shot.
Rivera was already dead. Torres-Colon remembers frantically trying to push her brother into the car so she could get behind the wheel to take him to the hospital. Instead, police came and tossed him into the back of the patrol car. She followed, and got the news at Temple University Hospital. She remembers that she lost her shoes somewhere along the way, that she was barefoot on the cold tile floor when her brother was pronounced dead. "When I come back, Chuito is in the house with a gun in his hand. I said: 'Oh, you're ready to kill me, too? Do it.' He said, 'I did you a favor.' I said, 'You better kill me, too, because I'm going to make sure you're locked up.' And he said, 'Whatever.' He jumped in the car he drove to kill my brother, and he left."
After that, she said, her anger outran her fear: She told the police what she knew.
Chuito would not be locked up. Instead, for the last two decades, another man has been incarcerated for the murder.
Colon-Torres said that man, Pedro Reynoso, had not been seen in the neighborhood since a few weeks before the incident. In fact, 10 alibi witnesses, including a priest, all claimed he was in the Dominican Republic."


2,090 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!