Deny further waste hauler permits in Alvo, Nebraska

Deny further waste hauler permits in Alvo, Nebraska

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To Whom It May Concern, 

    We, the people of Alvo and surrounding areas, DO NOT want a waste tire facility in our community. We are writing to respectfully request that a waste tire permit not be renewed and/or a new permit be issued in our area. 

    B-Rose Transportation, Inc. came to our community around 2007 and was presented as a community recycling center. It quickly turned into a junk yard. On May 15, 2015, B-Rose Transportation, Inc. applied for a waste tire permit with the NDEQ with a site permit location of 35408 Highway 34 Elmwood, NE 68349. This facility is also known as Eastern Nebraska Auto Recyclers, and tires were to be transported to and processed at this location. This permit was granted on June 23, 2015. This location is not located in Alvo, Nebraska. 

    In 2017, without obtaining a conditional use permit for waste tires through the Village of Alvo, B-Rose / LAL Enterprises, LLC / Eastern Nebraska Auto Recyclers began bringing waste tires into our community. Our Comprehensive Development Plan and Zoning book from 2010 states that they need a conditional use permit, as well as that any future modifications or expansions of this facility will require that it become more compatible with the residential use of the community. The Board of Trustees can not find any communication with this facility requesting a conditional use permit nor record of any conversations indicating that they with to bring this tire operation to our community. When the facility is sold, the new owner would need to apply for a conditional use permit. Ownership of the tire facility changed in October 2021 and a conditional use permit has not been applied for.

    This facility has been in violation of multiple Village and Zoning ordinances, as well as being non-compliant with the NDEE and Nebraska State Fire Marshal for several years and continue to be so even after years of on-going reviews by both organizations. 

    This facility is a potential hazard to our community. It sits over our water supply, endangers the environment downstream, and if it catches fire our community would need to be evacuated as we are aware that our volunteer fire department would not be able to put out a fire of that size. The mosquitos have been horrendously increasing during the last two years, and the tire piles also provide safe harbor for rodents. The noise and smell from this facility are disturbing to immediate neighbors but also to those on further from the facility when equipment is running, and the sun warms up the rubber. Before this facility came to town, there was a natural spring and wetlands on the east edge of the area, which was known to us as the head of Weeping Water Creek, where there are multiple endangered species being impacted by this environmental hazard.

    Again, we the people of Alvo and surrounding community, request that the NDEE not allow another permit to be issued for this facility. Require them to return to 35408 Highway 34 Elmwood, Nebraska 68349 where this business originated. 

154 have signed. Let’s get to 200!