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Hello NCTzens! I made this petition to ask for your help to bring a light to this very sensitive topic when it comes to the NCT Dream members or dreamies "graudation system". This isn't the first time SM tried to make a group have the graduation system. Super Junior themselves, NCT Dream's seniors, used to have this on their group as well, separating them into multiple units but that all changed when SM realized how much the fans got so attached to the unit's lineup and got so much support from so many people with the overwhelming support to them and breaking so much record and turned them to a fixed unit and now a group! AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED TO DO AS WELL. WE, NCTZENS, SHOULD SHOW SM THAT NCT DREAM IS WORTH MORE THAN WHAT THEY THINK THEY ARE. THAT THEY'RE NOT JUST ANY OTHER UNIT THEY CAN PUT UP TOGETHER AND BREAK APART AFTER A WHILE BECAUSE OF THE GRADUATION SYSTEM! THIS GRADUATION SYSTEM SHOULD BE PUT TO AN END! NCT DREAM DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER! THEY DESERVE EVERY GOOD THING IN THIS WORLD. SO PLEASE HELP BY SIGNING THIS PETITION AND SHARE TO SPREAD THE WORD!