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Change College Football Playoff to 8 teams

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Esteemed NCAA,

Four teams are not representative enough of the best teams in College Football to crown a true champion, especially when not all Power 5 conference champions are included. A fairly selected eight team playoff is required. In order to accomplish that end, we the undersigned propose the following:


The College Football Playoff selection process shall be adjusted to eight teams, selected by the following criteria:

  • The Champions of the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 12, and SEC shall be automatically qualified
  • The highest ranked champion from the "Group of 5" conferences shall be automatically qualified
  • The remaining two at-large spots will be filled by the two highest ranked teams not already qualified


In order to retain the prestige of certain Bowl games and retain pre-existing conference commitments, the first round of the playoffs shall consist of:

  • Rose Bowl: Big 10 Champ vs. PAC 12 Champ
  • Sugar Bowl: Big 12 Champ vs. Sec Champ
  • Orange Bowl: ACC Champ vs. At-large
  • Cotton Bowl: Group of 5 Champ vs. At-large

This proposal would give all 120 FBS teams a fair chance at qualification and retain/increase Bowl game prestige (by giving all four equal share every year) while encouraging conference rivalry. It will also increase the importance of the regular season conference play, likely improve the quality of Out-of-Conference matchups (teams can lose but still make playoff via conference championship), as well as maintain the importance of the various rankings.


The use of the polls to determine qualfication for one "Group of 5" team as well as 2 at large bids would retain the tradition and relevance of the polls. 


In short: this method would add positive drama and excitement to College Football while removing negative drama and returning the prestige of yesteryear while crowning an undisputed champion on the field. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Signed - College Football fans from ALL conferences


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