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Improve Animal and Public Health and Welfare Within NC

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Within NC, each year millions of animals are deemed homeless and killed for this one declaration. Our shelters are overfilled on a regular basis with perfectly healthy and adoptable animals who simply need homes and love. As NC spends on average it cost $125 per animal to capture, house, feed, kill, and dispose of the remains after the hold is up. Within NC, spay and neuter clinics average $35 per animal. By requiring every domestic companion animal within the bounds of the state of NC to be altered by the age of 6 months, this would effectively cut the rate of animals being killed in shelters to near 0 % after only two years. By diverting funds that are marked to house, kill, and dispose of animals into interest bearing accounts which pay for spay and neuter for any family making less than $60,000 annually, the state would recognize a savings of approx 85% within a 3 year period. When calculated, based on each county killing 80% (and in most cases much higher) of all animals that enters its doors (based on a kill rate of 2500 animals annually per county) this translates to a savings of over $60 Million in just three years. The actual amount would be potentially significantly higher based on the lack of need for shelters to exist and lack of need for additional staff. This would allow centralized Adoption and Rehab Centers to be constructed which would be zero kill facilities offering reduced cost or free cost care to families of animals who need care and they are unable to afford it at the high cost of a local vet. The fees brought in by these facilities from offering low cost services and adoptions, in addition to public fundraisers and events from rescues, would allow the facilities to operate as no kill facilities with minimal cost to tax payers and a net savings of approximately $15Million a year after the third year. 

That said, We are asking that the NC Senate, House, Department of Agriculture, DENR draft, in conjunction with reputable rescues, other no kill facilities, Washington Animal Rescue League, and a select group of citizens, legislation that would require, and offer assistance for, mandatory spay/neuter laws (without exceptions for breeders) and be a leader in the nation with regards to animal and public health. 

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