Legalize Traffic Filtering for Motorcyclists in NC

Legalize Traffic Filtering for Motorcyclists in NC

February 7, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by William Petty

Traffic filtering is the act of operating a two-wheeled, motorized vehicle between two lanes of stopped motor vehicle traffic.

Let it be made clear this petition is for legislature to allow this specific operation of motorcycles ONLY when traffic is stopped, and is not petitioning for lane splitting (the same act but between lanes of moving traffic). As such, this petition focuses on the benefits of filtering in two main points: motorcyclists' safety in stopped traffic, and congestion alleviation during commuting hours.

The Motorcycle Crash Causation Study published in 2019 and commonly known as the Hurt Report, is regarded as one of the most extensive studies in motorcycle crash data to date. The final report, section 3.1.3 entitled Contributing Factors Data is cited as follows:

Point 79 found 43 percent of cases involving other vehicle drivers' "attention failure/distraction/stress" to be a factor in crash causation. Point 81 found in 70 percent of cases, the other vehicle drivers' "traffic scan" contributed to the crash. Point 85 found in 21 percent of cases that other vehicles' "slow or exceedingly high speed difference" caused or contributed to crash causation. Point 90 found in 13 percent of cases the other drivers' "attention directed away from traffic conflict" contributed to crash causation. Point 91 found "potential hazard detection failure" of the other drivers contributed to causation of the crash in 60 percent of cases. 

Point 105 of this section lists the most common, primary factor contributing to crashes involving other vehicles as "other vehicle driver perception failure" at 30 percent of total cases studied.

These specific points are included in this petition as they best pertain to the main issue the petition hopes to address. Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable at a stop within traffic, as they are by far the least visible member of traffic, and have very little possibility of escaping an accident should it occur.

The second point, pertaining to congestion benefits, is a relatively simple one. Motorcylists are members of traffic, as they are permitted the use of a full lane by NCGS 20-146.1.

A small percentage of traffic lawfully circumventing an area of congestion will aid in the reduction of the overall amount of traffic involved, and will aid in alleviating the situation.

In summation, it is in the best interest of all motorists to allow two-wheeled motorized vehicles to move safely and carefully between lanes of stopped traffic. This would allow motorcyclists to move out of dangerous and vulnerable positions, increasing the safety of all motorists involved, as well as alleviating congestion.

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Signatures: 190Next Goal: 200
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