NBN Fibre to the curb Ballina

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The people of Ballina deserve Fibre to the Curb NBN Technology.

This is the proven best Technology for the NBN (short of Fibre to the premises), and NBNCo has decided only parts of the shire will get this advanced technology, while the majority will be placed on the inferior troubled Fibre to the Node.

We ask NBNCo & our Federal Leaders to change this economic disparage of Ballina Shire residents, and ensure every premises in the Ballina Shire be connected to Fibre to the Curb, future proofing us for the major upgrades in Technology coming from future upgrades to up to 1 gigabyte per second, not the limited 25 megabytes per second that often does not deliver!

Its not too late, as most the area is in the planned stage, so the connection delivery can be changed to ensure everyone is provide the best option, and not dependant n where you live.