NBN fix Kingaroy's congestion issue !

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Nov - 2018: Official reply from NBN. You'd think within two-years the expansion would have taken place already ….. Some more letters to David Littleproud MP and Deb Frecklington to get their LNP friends to pull their finger out.

"The cell which this user is connected to experiences high utilisation
during busy periods. This means that the speed of this service is likely
to be reduced, particularly in the evening when more people are using
the internet.
nbn constantly monitors the fixed wireless network for sites which
require capacity expansion and we aim to upgrade site capacity before
congestion occurs, however sometimes demand exceeds expectations,
resulting in a site becoming congested.
This site is scheduled for capacity expansion in Quarter 2, 2019  which
should result in improved performance for users on this cell. While we
endeavour to upgrade sites on their scheduled date, it is subject to change."




the issue is still on going. Whilst off peak bandwidth can reach 30mbps, day time speeds/congestion periods are getting below 6mbps at times. 



NBN Co, Kingaroy has a 28% take up of the NBN of those households eligible to connect. Communication between NBN Co and my RSP has discovered the abysmal speeds I experience (1.7Mbps connection on a 50Mbps plan) is due to the congestion on the Fisher St tower in Kingaroy. NBN have issued upgrade service notifications for the tower in recent weeks however there has been NO UPGRADE to the speed of the service.

I am a local school teacher and very regularly have parents vent their frustration of their children not being able to complete assignments at home due to the poor quality and unstable connection they experience.

I have written several letters to my local federal MP, David Littleproud, and other concerned politicians as well as featured in an article in my local APN newspaper. I will continue to publicise the issue until an adequate resolution has been achieved.

If NBN Co and LNP want more support in regional QLD then trying to have a higher 'buy-in' than 28% of eligible households should be achieved. Why would the remaining 72% want to connect when you can't even handle the congestion of a quarter of the load ? There is not much future thought (if any thoughts) happening here by your technicians.

Local paper article with statistics: https://www.southburnetttimes.com.au/news/low-pick-up-rate-for-nbn-in-south-burnett/3144534/

My Connection: http://imgur.com/a/AWaK1