Z Nation for Season 6 and Beyond!!!

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Z Nation debuted on September 12th 2014 with strong ratings over the years the show has kept getting renewed but as the ratings slowly dropped but stayed consistent by season and Syfy even going as far as announcing it was one of their highest rated shows and their most "social" show by Season 3's end and the fourth season's renewal. We are in the midst of season 5 now and ratings the lowest (yet srill consistant) they've ever been and no word from Syfy with the last seven episodes of the season (maybe series) airing in the coming Fridays fans are in a mess using social media to show their support. This petition may not mean much but it's worth a try! #RenewZNation where ever you can!

The show renewed for a sixth season!

Personal story
Z Nation is a special show to me. I got ahold of first 5 episodes and decided to watch it the night the 6th episode. It was a lonely depressing night so I wanted to binge something get my mind off things. I watched all 5 episodes then watched episode 6 and I was hooked. I couldn't wait every week was such a joy for me it was a dark time in my life and this show really helped me through.