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NBC: Take Your Elephant-Killing NRA Lobbyist Off The Air

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NBC Sports Network has been airing an NRA-sponsored hunting show called Under Wild Skies, on which NRA lobbyist Tony Makris shoots elephants in the head.

This is wrong on so many levels. Giving the NRA a propaganda show is one thing, but to show him killing one of the world's most endangered species is brutally offensive and inhumane.

Elephants are dissappearing from the earth at a stark pace. It's taken years to stem the tide from ivory poachers, so we don't need to glorify the senseless killing for trophies. You're not brave or impressive by walking up and shooting an animal that won't run or defend itself. And to top it all off, this show aired on National Elephant Appreciation Day.

There's only one way for NBC to rectify this and that's to take Under Wild Skies off the air immediately. Oh, and a donation to help protect elephants from being massacred wouldn't hurt, either.

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